Delusional Eric Swalwell Gets #GasPricesAreSoLow Trending on Twitter, But Gas Prices Tell Another Story

Patrick Taylor | July 27, 2022
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Apparently when Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) isn’t having an inappropriate relationship with a suspected Chinese spy or passing gas on live television, the left-wing congressman and failed presidential candidate is running cover for the Biden administration on Twitter.

In his latest embarrassingly bad attempt at spin, Swalwell took to Twitter to boast about gas prices dropping in the month of July.

“Gas prices are so low Ted Cruz canceled his flight and drove to Cancun,” the beleaguered congressman tweeted on Tuesday, before inviting his followers to post similar one-liners using the hashtag “#GasPricesAreSoLow.”

Commence thousands of lame jokes about the supposedly “low” $4.00+ per gallon gas prices.

Are gas prices actually “so low”? Not really, if we’re looking at a timeline larger than a single month.

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Using the Fox News average of $4.33 per gallon, gas prices have soared nearly $2 per gallon from the $2.39 average on the day President Biden took office.

As Morning Consult senior reporter Eli Yokley noted in a tweet comparing this year’s gas prices to previous years, it’s “perhaps a [little] early for a victory lap.”

Amusingly, Biden and his supporters have not held back from crediting the president for the recent dip in gas prices.

Allow me to remind you that these are the same people who, just a month ago, rejected the notion that a president could have a significant impact on gas prices in the first place.

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