Delaware Lowers Its Bar Exam Score To Promote 'Diversity'

Brittany M. Hughes | March 2, 2023
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President Joe Biden's blue home state of Delaware's lowering the bar.

No, really. they're actually lowering the bar. As in, the state supreme court has decreased the minimum score needed to pass the bar exam and practice law. Why? To promote "diversity."

Apparently, there aren't enough non-white lawyers in America's oldest official state, and the race-obsessed powers that be have decided it must be because black folks and other ethnic minorities must be too dumb to get a high enough score on their bar exam to get their license. So, in an effort to boost the numbers of non-white attorneys, the state Supreme Court, headed up by white dude/diversity advocate/Chief Justice Collins J. Seitz Jr., has decided to lower the minimum bar score from 145 to 143 so more people of color can make the cut. 

That move comes along with a slew of other changes, including slashing the number of essays on the bar exam from eight to four, reducing the number of essay topics from 14 to 10, lowering the clerkship requirement from 21 weeks to 12, and decreasing the number of legal proceedings that an aspiring attorney must attend from 25 to 18. The bar will also now be offered twice a year instead of just once.

Because on top of brains, minorities also don't have time, apparently.

Seitz, who first led a diversity project that came up with the report first calling for the changes, called the decision a "modernization" of the state's bar process, saying, "The bar exam is not supposed to be a barrier to entering the profession but is supposed to be a test of an applicant’s ability to successfully practice law in Delaware, and I believe these reforms will help better reflect that purpose."

Seitz's diversity project found that while 22 percent of Delaware’s population is black, blacks make up only 16 percent of judges in the state. And while the state’s Latino population is 10 percent, only 5 percent of judges are Latino. Which simply cannot be.

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Delaware State Bar Association President Chuck Durante flat-out pointed to too much whiteness as the reason for the changes, suggesting the state's snow-colored populace is wising up to just how discriminatory their high bar requirements have historically been. 

"White people generally who have their antennae up, who understand what is happening in society, have learned the meaning of microaggression. They’ve learned the meaning of how to be welcoming, how to be professional, how to make this community better suited for diversity in its professional class, including its lawyers," he said.

By telling black and brown folks they can't succeed unless a bench full of mostly white people (all but one, in fact) drop the standards so they can keep up with their melanin-deprived counterparts.

Sounds pretty racist, to me.

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