DeBlasio: All Leaders Should Issue Vax Mandate - ‘Downright Unpatriotic’ Not To Obey

Eric Scheiner | November 3, 2021
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Mayor Bill de Blasio has spoken – and if you disagree with his vaccine mandate you are “downright unpatriotic” and not realizing he’s “giving people a chance to recognize the science."

DeBlasio made the comments on MSNBC Tuesday while discussing firefighters who are opposed to his COVID vaccine mandate that requires them to receive the jab or face suspension without pay this week. Some have called out sick in protest.

“Some union leaders have done the right thing. I want to give them credit. But several unions have been, in my view, downright unpatriotic the way they’ve handled this, because they have put their own internal politics ahead of the needs of the people.”

De Blasio also encouraged others to force vax mandates upon everyone and squash any dissent, expressing his desire for every mayor, governor and business CEO to make a vaccine mandate requirement.

“We're giving people a chance to recognize the science, recognize what's healthy and right. They don't get vaccinated - they don't get paid. That's how we're doing it.”

Interesting how de Blasio views mandates as “a chance to recognize the science," isn’t it?

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