A Debate About Trump and Race Got Heated on Newsmax...

Daniel Pickert | September 14, 2016
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During a heated discussion on Newsmax TV's America Talks Live Wednesday, Stacy Washington, host of Stacy on the Right Show and an African-American supporter of Donald Trump, stood up against a liberal commentator who condemned her for supporting racism.

The first segment features Jane Velez-Mitchell, founder of JaneUnchained.com, coming out swinging against Washington, demanding to know why she supports “somebody who tells the entire African-American community of the United States, ‘What do you have to lose?’”

Washington replied, “When Donald Trump made that comment he was speaking to the 70 percent of black Americans who are in single-family situations that are living at or below the poverty line in a situation where they need some kind of government assistance, or the huge percentage of black Americans who live in inner cities that are dangerous like Chicago, Detroit, inner St. Louis…”

Velez-Mitchell, who is white, retorted, “And you think a man who ran Trump University, which has been accurately described as a scam, is going to make our education system better?” as the pundits begin to talk over each other.

After a commercial break, Washington stated, “I just want to say — it’s interesting in the first segment — Jane was actually lecturing me as if she was a black person on how I should feel about being black and supporting Donald Trump. That’s the most racist bull crap I’ve ever experienced on-air...”

Hear the fiery exchange below: