Deadly Chicago Weekend Despite Increased Law Enforcement Presence

Nick Kangadis | November 14, 2016
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The Windy City had a typical weekend of violence, despite the federal government finally stepping in to address the historic amount of shootings on the South and West sides of Chicago.

It was announced on Friday that the Chicago Police Department (CPD) will partner with multiple law enforcement agencies to attempt to try and stem the violence in Chicago’s more dangerous neighborhoods.

The organizations involved included the CPD, Cook County Sheriff’s Department, Illinois State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

According to ABC 7 Chicago:

The efforts include saturation patrols, stepped up traffic stops and visits to parolees. Police are targeting so-called "hot zones" - blocks and corners of heavy drug activity where gangs have been vying for control.

"As you can see there police officers everywhere, so we want to send a clear message to the people perpetrating this gun violence in our communities that we simply won't tolerate it," said CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

Even with the increased law enforcement presence five men were killed and 32 others were wounded in weekend shootings across South and West Chicagoland area.

“The amount of violence in Chicago this year is totally and completely unacceptable,” Johnson continued. “So the hope for this particular mission is to have no violence in these areas this weekend.”

The mission failed as the number of those shot did not differ all that much from the usual numbers we see on a weekly basis. In fact, a number of the shootings took place in the neighborhoods and districts that the joint task force focused on. However, this move by law enforcement officials is a step in the right direction.

Follow the drugs and the money and the epidemic facing the Second City could see overall numbers drop significantly. Shooting will never stop in major cities like Chicago, but records can stop being broken if the problem is addressed swiftly and correctly.

Lawmakers need to switch their focus from citizens legally carrying weapons to those that are involved in illegal gun activity.

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