De Blasio Bans Outdoor Propane Heaters After Forcing Diners Outside

P. Gardner Goldsmith | November 8, 2021
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As if insufferably self-absorbed New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio had not engaged in enough coercive, mob-style, do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do idiocy during his tyrannical COVID crackdown reign over the Big Apple, the hardcore leftist is reported to have joined the NY Fire Department (under his control) to BAN restaurants using outdoor propane heaters to keep diners from freezing on the not-so-safe sidewalks of the metropolis.

Steve Cuozzo writes for The New York Post:

Last month, the FDNY, backed by Mayor de Blasio, irrationally banned the use of propane heaters at outdoor restaurants. (Are any of the actions by the worst mayor in Big Apple history not irrational?). The ban will likely spell the end for thousands of places that relied on extra money from outdoor seating to help make up for last year’s catastrophic losses caused by the pandemic.

Yes. The mayor whose jab mandate is seeing (at last count) 26 fire houses shut down in his sphere of unconstitutional thuggery is so “concerned” about fires from outdoor dining areas that he wants to ban their use of propane heaters.

Never mind that propane tanks used by thousands of Big Apple eateries caused exactly zero accidents last winter. Never mind that they’re legal in most other large US cities. Never mind that they’re allowed on our food trucks and food carts — including several on Park Place just outside City Hall, within blast range of the mayor’s office.

And what of those terrible internal combustion engines? Not only do they burn INSIDE their workings, the eeevil vehicles using them typically carry tanks full of gas!

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Cuozzo observes that the city is telling restaurateurs to just… switch to electric heaters.

But Derek Kaye, who owns several locations of the Takumi Taco chain as well as NYC Propane Delivery, which sells propane tanks to hundreds of restaurants, summed up the challenge: ‘Most restaurants don’t have the extra power available for electrical heaters and they don’t have the ability to add any more electrical capacity.’ As for natural gas, only a very few places — such as on Broadway’s ‘restaurant row’ across from Lincoln Center — have the means and landlord support to use it. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if the mafia didn’t exist?

By that, I mean the tax-sucking mafia embodied in government and political thugs like DeBlasio.

After all, it was DeBlasio who forced many of these eateries to empty their insides when he used the unwarranted fear of COVID19 catastrophe as a rationale for banning indoor eating for a year, and who then imposed a “vaccine passport” mandate for those “allowed” to serve food or to get food inside a dining establishment after “reopening” was allowed.

Cuozzo concludes:

New York City Hospitality Alliance executive director Andrew Rigie accurately observed, ‘The reality is that many restaurants are still struggling to recover from the pandemic and some of their customers still aren’t comfortable dining indoors because of COVID-19 or they’re prohibited from eating inside because they’re unvaccinated.’

Thanks to City Hall, those customers are chopped liver, served cold.

Very cold.

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