DC Tourist Questions Media: 'Why Can't We Hear Fair & Balanced News?'

Eric Scheiner | June 16, 2022
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During a Wednesday press conference discussing the pre-trial confinement of some the alleged participants of the Jan. 6 riot, a purported DC tourist crashed the proceedings and peppered the leftist media with questions.

“I’ve got a question! How come I have to travel 2,000 miles to hear this news? Why can’t CBS, CNN, MSNBC cover this? Why? Why can’t we just hear fair and balanced news from both sides for once?” the man can be heard asking on Twitter video posted by Rep. Louie Gohmert.



“I would think the national media would try to find an answer to this. So, you’re from CBS why don’t you look for an answer? I have nothing to do with this -I’m just here as a tourist.”

If the members of the media assembled answered his question, they can’t be heard on the video.

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