DC Dems Use Pelosi’s 'Proxy Voting' Scheme To Travel, Campaign

P. Gardner Goldsmith | February 23, 2022
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Try not to let this destroy your faith in the gift of government that politicians bestow unto you.

Matthew Foldi and Haley Strack report for the Washington Free Beacon that Pelosi's “pandemic”-fearing pals are so fearful of the highly-survivable COVID-19 and its even less dangerous “variants” that they can’t vote on their oft-Constitution-insulting bills in the House Chambers; instead, they have to travel all over the world - and campaign, to boot.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) announced last week that she will extend until March 30 the proxy-voting system in place for COVID-cautious lawmakers to avoid travel during the pandemic. Records show, however, the system's most frequent users have traveled regularly for their reelection campaigns.



Surely, we are shocked.

The proxy-voting system has been used almost exclusively by Democrats, who have accumulated 12,500 proxy votes citing the ‘unprecedented nature of the coronavirus pandemic.’ But the pandemic hasn't stopped them from racking up luxury travel expenses as they criss-cross the country for their campaigns, a review of campaign finance disclosures reveals.

Well, that’s not very sporting of the authors. How dare they “target” these politicians for their slippery actions?

Chief among those who took advantage of the system is Pelosi's fellow California Democrat, Rep. Eric Swalwell. Swalwell proxy voted 141 times last year, according to a comprehensive Ripon Society study. During the same time, he amassed $45,000 in travel expenses at ritzy hotels, including a stay at the Fairmont San Francisco, where billionaire Ivy Getty got ready for her star-studded wedding, Las Vegas's lavish Cosmopolitan, and Manhattan's five-star Conrad Hotel. Swalwell also dropped almost $50,000 on flights.

So, after the feds began subsidizing the inflation of COVID19 case and “death” numbers, the DC jet-set also gifted Americans with their easily manipulated “vote-by-mail” scheme for the 2020 presidential race, and they gave us Pelosi’s wondrous proxy voting plan.

Then, a bunch of Dems took to the jets...literally.

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Because, we all know, they were so worried about transmission of COVID19.

The following week Cartwright used the proxy-voting system again—this time to appear with President Joe Biden to tout the White House's spending plan. He appeared maskless on stage and fist bumped a maskless Sen. Bob Casey (D., Pa.) prior to his remarks. Cartwright used the occasion to thank Biden for ‘rescuing the country from COVID,’ even though he cited the disease's prevalence as his reason for skipping work.

Does anyone get the distinct impression that Pelosi and her friends have been engaging in political theatre?

Swalwell and Cartwright are far from alone when it comes to taking advantage of Pelosi's proxy-voting system to attend campaign events. On Jan. 11, five Democratic members of Georgia's delegation—Reps. Sanford Bishop, Carolyn Bourdeaux, Lucy McBath, Nikema Williams, and Hank Johnson—requested to vote by proxy citing the coronavirus pandemic. The real reason they couldn't appear in Congress to do their job was because they were at an event with Biden. They were joined by Delaware's Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D.), who couldn't be bothered to travel to Washington, D.C., but safely made it an additional 650 miles to Georgia.

Of course, if their “job” entails voting for bills that – like the proxy voting scheme itself – run contrary to their own constitutional oaths, they’re not really doing the job they promised to do, but are, instead, usurping both the Constitution and our rights. But the sheer hubris of this kind of behavior is a potent touchstone for those who might be curious about the character and honesty of these reprobates.

Like the Georgia Democrats, Rep. Sharice Davids (D., Kan.) has abused the proxy-voting system on multiple occasions to appear with the Biden family. Citing the coronavirus pandemic, Davids wrote on Oct. 12 that she needed a proxy vote. That same day, she appeared at an event with ‘Dr.’ Jill Biden in Kansas City. On Dec. 8, she filed for a proxy vote and later posted a photo with a maskless Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D., Mo.) as the duo prepared to board Air Force One for an event with Biden. Like Davids, the maskless Cleaver cited the coronavirus pandemic as the reason he could not vote in person.

Yes, don’t let this shake your faith in government. Like so many of the charade-players who recently took private jets and used Deisel powered generators to charge their expensive electric cars at the “Climate Change” conference in Scotland, these tax-paid world-travelers and self-styled “saviors” likely will tell you, and any other critic, that you just don’t grasp the “import” of what they do for you. They are the witch-doctors of the tribe, the wizards who can cast spells to cure all ills – even if the ills are of their own fantastical making.

And even if you never asked to be part of their tribe.

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(Cover Photo: Gage Skidmore)