D.C. Democratic Delegate Pushes for Female Representation in Crash Dummies

Libby | June 4, 2021
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Eleanor Holmes Norton, the Washington D.C. Delegate to the House of Representatives, introduced a bill requiring gender equality among car crash dummies earlier this week.

As a member of the Democratic Party, Norton serves as the Chair of the Transportation subcommittee on highways and transit.

Norton's office shared a press release, citing that the federal government solely uses male dummies and they do not mandate car companies to incorporate female dummies into crash testing. Norton asserted that the lack of female representation warrants legislative action to encourage gender equality on the road.

“Women have achieved equality on the road when it comes to driving,” Norton opined in a press release, “but when it comes to safety testing to keep them safe on the road, they are nowhere near achieving equality.”

Norton said that the anatomical differences require separate test dummies to ensure safety, rather than a one size fits all approach.

“More important than differences in average height between males and females,” her press release states, “there are also other biological differences in anatomy, such as average neck strength and posture, that affect how female and male bodies react in a crash.”

Ironically, the Democratic delegate acknowledges that biological differences between males and females are real, a fact most leftists ignore when it comes to women’s sports and transgenderism.

Though progressives like to ignore biological differences between males and females on other issues like transgenderism, that biological reality is exactly what Norton is using to promote female representation among crash dummies.

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