A ‘Day Without Immigrants’ Leads to Firings in Denver

Eric Scheiner | February 20, 2017

KDVR-TV reports dozens of people said they were fired for taking part in a protest in Denver during last Thursday’s “A Day without Immigrants” movement.

Ray (last name unpublished) was a foreman of working for JVS Masonry. He said when he told his boss his crews would be missing work for the "day without immigrants" cause - he was told they would be fired.



“You stand for what you believe, make sure you stand for whatever consequences are going to come. … He said whoever took the day off today can find another job tomorrow,” Ray read from the texts on his phone, sent by his boss, Jim Serowski, the owner of JVS Masonry.

 “If you want to go to work to support your family. I don’t care if you have antennas coming out of your head, I really don’t care. If you’re going to betray the company, then I have a concern,” Serowski told KDVR.

 “I have no view on immigration laws or anything going on with that. All I know is I have a business to run.”

Serowski reportedly also said, that if they want a job, they need to show up when they are supposed to.

He also added if they want their job back, all they have to do is ask.

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