ABC’s ‘Station 19’ Promotes Kids Attending Pride Parades, Calls Gay Open Relationship ‘Ethical Non-Monogamy’

Dawn Slusher | April 1, 2024
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Season 7 of ABC’s liberal drama "Station 19" has begun, and only three episodes in, it’s already pouring on the leftist propaganda. Thursday’s “True Colors” episode centered on “Fabruary-Seattle Winter’s Pride,” which the fire station is participating in and inserted a child into the planning.

One of the show’s many gay characters, Travis (Jay Hayden), asks a smart question…“How many Prides do we need,” adding, “…It feels a little excessive to me. I mean, we're here, we're queer…We don't need to look like a box of Lucky Charms year-round to prove that.”

Travis’s wise insight ends up being borne from internalized shame, as we later find out, which he carries because his father Paul (Robert Curtis Brown) was cruel to him when Travis came out because Paul was secretly gay himself. Of course.

At the parade, Travis introduces his boyfriend Eli (Rob Heaps) to Paul and meets his father’s boyfriend Kyle who he’s in an open relationship with (which they call “ethical non-monogamy”). Paul originally had an affair with Kyle while he was married to Travis’s mother:


Oh, isn't Travis so intolerant?! How dare he have any moral standards?!

As the parade begins, the show made sure to feature children watching in the crowd as a drag queen dances sultrily and shows off his/her “booty.” Other than that, the parade was very G-rated, unlike real pride parades where fetishes and kinks are on full display to children, as well as body parts they should never be exposed to.

And, of course, they included angry protesters to make it appear that anyone who believes homosexuality is wrong and anyone who is concerned about children being groomed and exposed to vile sexual scenes at real pride parades are all just cruel, violent, hateful bigots:


To be clear, screaming vile words at children is the exact opposite of what anyone who is truly concerned about children would do. And it goes without saying that hate and violence are never okay. But shows like "Station 19" have a clear agenda of painting anyone opposed to their way of thinking with the same brush as these raging protesters in the hopes of tarnishing our reputation and diminishing our beliefs.

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Meanwhile, when Travis apologizes to Eli for cheating on him twice, Eli responds, “What part are you sorry for? Being a cheater and a hypocrite? Or are you sorry for being a judgmental prick who overcompensates 'cause he's uncomfortable with his own sexuality? I mean, you even chose the most hypermasculine career known to man, to prove yourself…You are a real piece of work and the most repressed man I have ever known. And I work in politics, so that's saying something. But father, like son, huh?”

Travis complains about Eli’s harsh words to his co-worker Vic (Barrett Doss), who ends up agreeing with Eli. During their discussion, a car backfires, sending everyone at the event into a panic thinking it was gunshots:


Back at the firehouse, the crew discusses the protests and claim that gay people are being doxxed, trans women are being harassed and they lament that armed men are showing up at voter drop boxes. Another gay character, Maya (Danielle Savre) is told to go home to yet another gay character, her wife Carina (Stefania Spampinato), and their baby after seeing her brother with the protesters:


Umm, wasn’t it WaPo’s liberal reporter Taylor Lorenz who doxxed the woman behind the X account “Libs of TikTok?” *Checks notes* Yes. Yes, it was. Projection, much?

Travis finally realizes he hasn’t been woke enough by the end of the episode and calls his dad to set up a pride dance party at the fire station with Kyle as the DJ. The two share a conversation about how his dad being secretly gay affected Travis:


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