David Hogg Wants Ukraine Supporters to Pose as Russian Soldiers & Match with Them on Tinder

Nick Kangadis | March 1, 2022
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As if there aren’t enough horrible takes on social media concerning the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the usual suspects of “enlightened” stupidity rear their ugly heads once more.

Who remembers David Hogg? You know David Hogg. He’s the kid who leveraged his involvement in the gun control debate after the 2018 mass shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school into gaining acceptance into the crown jewel of the Ivy League, Harvard University.

Well, he’s back. He never really went away, but you have to be selective on which “hot take” of his to report on. His latest foray into political discussion is of the geopolitical variety, and it’s as stupid as you might remember his other takes being in the past.

So Davey decided he should weigh in on the current Russia-Ukraine conflict. Hogg tweeted trying to give people suggestions as to how they can be more “impactful” with their own involvement in the crisis, none of which will actually have any impact on what’s going on over there.

If you listen to Davey, his “guidance” reads more like subversion tactics designed to present Russians with propaganda in order to throw them off their aggression towards Ukraine and possibly get Russians to defect. His suggestions even include matching with Russian on the dating app Tinder and masquerading online “as a Russian soldier.”

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No joke. See for yourselves:


Poor Davey. You’d think that Harvard education would’ve taught him something, anything other than pretending to act like a spy in order to deceive others. Then again, it is the Indoctrina — excuse me, Ivy League.

Some of the responses to his tweets essentially called this kid stupid without directly calling him stupid.




Maybe one day Davey will know what life is like outside of his bubble, but it’s doubtful when you’re this consistently giving this level of advice.

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