David Hogg: President Trump 'Killed 100,000 of Our Fellow Americans' Because 'He Does Not Love This Country'

Nick Kangadis | May 26, 2020

There have been plenty of examples in the last few months of gun control activist David Hogg's animus to common sense, reason and logic. But a tweet Hogg sent out on Memorial Day, which he didn't observe on his overused Twitter account, made some very definitive statements about President Donald Trump.

"Donald Trump has killed 100,000 of our fellow Americans," Hogg tweeted on Monday, referring to an estimated loss of life due to COVID-19. "He does not love this country he loves power and himself."

Here's the tweet in full:

You'd think being a student of the "prestigious" Harvard University would afford Hogg the ability to punctuate sentences. But, that's nitpicking.

Besides the fact that Trump has most certainly not "killed 100,000 of our fellow Americans," the thing that really baffled me was his conspiracy theory in the second half of the tweet above.

Is Hogg basically saying that if young people don't vote, and essentially vote for whoever Hogg wants them to, "Generation Z" will be the "last generation?" What does that even mean? A whole generation is going to die? I'm not sure, but Hogg definitely seems to have invested in hats of the tin foil variety.

And here I thought social media platforms like Twitter were cracking down on conspiracy theorists like they've done in the past and currently. Oh, that must only be for the "theories" that they deem acceptable.