David Hogg Joins Michael Moore and Asks Canadians: 'Who's Ready to Save America?'


Typically, people get more informed as they get older. But, gun control activist David Hogg doesn’t seem to be falling into that stereotype. Hogg’s ineptitude makes even more sense when you consider he recently spoke at the premiere of repeatedly debunked documentary filmmaker Michael Moore’s new film, “Fahrenheit 11/9.”

Moore’s new film, which focuses on bashing President Trump for simply existing, had just finished its first showing, and Moore brought Hogg on stage — among others — for a question and answer session. Before any actual questions took place, Moore gave Hogg the microphone to address the audience.

That’s when the stupidity ensued.

“I have a question for you guys: who’s ready to save America?” Hogg asked the audience with his opening comment.

One problem with that question, though. The film’s premiere was at the Toronto International Film Festival. Yep! Hogg was asking Canadians if they were ready to “save America.” He caught himself, but then only dug the hole deeper. "Who's ready to make America the country that we say it is on paper and make it the country that it actually wants to be," Hogg asked the Canadian audience.

Hogg’s whole speech was about getting people to vote, except the majority of the audience he was talking to can’t affect U.S. elections. He spoke about how “people of color” “have had their rights taken away” in the form of not being able to vote because they’ve been convicted of a crime.

“Um, I think Canadians can donate to political campaigns in the United States,” Hogg said before realizing he was a dumbass. “They can’t? Well, vote here.”

"Learn from us," Hogg later added.

If you'd like to see Hogg make his comments before Moore took the microphone away from and went delusional himself, watch below:


Did Michael Moore just have a stroke, or was it a hallucination in this video? Was his impression supposed to be Trump? Because, if it was, Moore needs some new material. You know, of the factual variety. I know it’s difficult for Moore to tell the truth, but at least use a Trump quote instead of just making noises.

I don’t know what any of this was either, folks. All I can is sit back with my popcorn and laugh at the traveling circus.

H/T: Townhall

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