Darn It! George Soros Just Isn’t Happy About Trump

Eric Scheiner | June 11, 2018
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The Washington Post reports that George Soros, the billionaire investor and liberal donor, is “lamenting the turn much of the world has taken in recent years: ‘Everything that could go wrong has gone wrong.’”

I know everyone finds this news so very, very upsetting – but this tale takes an even sadder turn.

From The Washington Post:

His favored presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, lost to President Trump, whose “America First” platform runs counter to the globalism Soros embraces. Trump, he said, “is willing to destroy the world.” The European Union, which Soros once hoped would be so successful that he could end his charitable work in the region, is contending with the impending loss of Britain and a rise of anti-immigrant sentiment. And Soros himself has emerged as a political target in elections from Hungary to California, where his donations have been used as a cudgel against the causes he supports.

The Post interview continues, having Soros explain how he plans to “redouble his efforts” because of his concerns about Trump, who he didn’t see coming.

For all the billions of dollars at his disposal, Soros is also being forced to reckon with limits on his political influence in the United States. He acknowledged that he did not see Trump’s election coming. ‘Apparently, I was living in my own bubble,’ he said.

Soros, who plans to spend at least $15 million in 2018 races, has already faced some setbacks this cycle. His bid to replace several district attorneys in California with challengers seeking changes to the criminal justice system was largely unsuccessful in Tuesday’s elections. ‘We ran into a brick wall in California', he said.

Aw. It seems money can't buy everything.

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