‘Dancing With the Stars’ to Feature First Same-Sex Dance Couple

Alexa Coombs | August 27, 2021
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Because absolutely no aspect of public life is allowed to go on without leftists’ warped views of gender and sexuality being inserted into it, ABC’s popular celebrity dance competition, Dancing With the Stars, will have its first same-sex couple when the show premieres this fall.

News of this unnecessary virtue signal broke at the show’s Television Critics Association (TCA) Panel on Thursday when it was announced that reality star JoJo Siwa would be a contestant this year. Apparently, the Dancing With the Stars casting directors left it up to Siwa to decide if she preferred to be paired with one of the show's male or female professional dance partners and she wanted to dance with another woman.

The 18-year-old Dance Moms alum turned social media influencer announced she had a girlfriend and came out as pansexual earlier this year. Siwa, who has a large youth audience, made it clear once again that her agenda is to normalize gayness for young kids:

“It’s going to be tricky, but it’s going to give so much to people out there — people of the LGBTQ community, everyone,” said Siwa, who came out as pansexual in April. “I want to make it OK for the people who come after me. No matter what [my girlfriend and I] are feeling, think about how normal we’re making things for the kids that are younger than us who are feeling these things.

The dominant culture trying to oxymoronically make the sexual practices of less than 5 percent of the population “normal” is why people greatly overestimate the gay population by a factor of more than 5. This being directly marketed to youth is also probably why our youngest generation identifies as gay or trans at higher rates.

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Again, Siwa is very mindful about spreading her message:

“It breaks a wall that’s never been broken down before,” Siwa added. “Not only do I get to share that you love who you want to love, but you also get to dance with who you want to dance with.”

But who leads? Watching two women dance as a couple will be pretty weird.

There have been plenty of gay contestants before, but they didn’t feel the need to shove it in our faces by having them dance with the sex they are attracted to, they appropriately danced with a member of the opposite sex. But, because this is 2021, we have to subvert all traditions and blow up heteronormativity, even though heterosexuality (comprising over 95 percent of the population) is the very definition of normal.

Gold medal Olympic gymnast Suni Lee was also announced as a dance competitor at the TCA panel and the rest of the cast will be announced on Sept. 8. As far as we know, everyone else will have a normal dance partner.

If you want to gawk at the all-female dance couple, the 30th season of Dancing With the Stars will premiere on Sept. 20. Talk about must miss TV!