Dana Loesch Puts Geraldo in His Place After Rivera's Moronic AR-15 Tweet

Nick Kangadis | September 4, 2019

On occasion, Geraldo Rivera will say something that you can’t believe you agree with, but you do. Then there’s the rest of the time when he says something that makes you wonder whether Rivera is dumb or just a troll. He typically plays it off like he was just making a joke, but when there’s no indication that humor was involved, you go back to wondering what his angle might be.

In times like these, people like radio host Dana Loesch come to the rescue. She’s may not be the hero people want, but she’s the hero people need. For those on the left playing the home game, that’s called “humor.”

Seriously, though. Loesch put Rivera in his place with a simple eight word question.

First, let me show you Rivera’s tweet in all of its amateur smack talking glory. Keep in mind that Rivera was responding in kind with "woke" comedian Sarah Silverman, so there's that:



Lame. Before I get to Loesch’s response, I’d just like to ask a few questions of my own. How does Geraldo know? Does he check? Has he done “extensive” research on the topic? He must think that only men own AR-15s, or is he also talking about trans-women?

Alright, alright. Now, let’s get to Loesch’s superior response. It’s not necessarily the funniest response, but it’s perfect for putting someone who made a moronic comment of this variety in his place:

With a response like that, Rivera probably experienced a little shrinkage in the “ego” department.

Dana Loesch 1, Geraldo Rivera 0.