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Dallas PD Fires Officer Who Killed a 26-Year-Old Man In His Apartment


The Dallas Police Department released a statement Monday confirming they’d fired Amber Guyger, a now-former officer who shot and killed a man after claiming she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment and mistook him for a home intruder.

In their statement, the department said an internal investigation determined Guyger "engaged in adverse conduct" when she shot 26-year-old Botham Jean to death in his own home on Sept. 6. 

Guyger had previously told investigators she’d come home and accidentally entered the wrong apartment, saying she’d miscounted the floors. After finding her door (or rather, what she thought was her door) open, Guyger claimed she mistook Jean for an invader and shot him in the torso after he failed to obey her verbal commands. 

Jean’s neighbors, on the other hand, have given conflicting accounts of what happened, with one witness saying they heard Guyger first banging on Botham's door and demanding to be let in, followed by gunshots.

Guyger, a 4-year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, was arrested earlier this month and has been charged with manslaughter, but was freed on bond and placed on administrative leave pending the internal investigation.

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