Dad Shows His Transgender Son How to Shave in Gillette's New Razor Ad

Eric Schaffer | May 28, 2019

Gillette, the razor company that caused bombs to drop across social media in January with their ad attacking toxic masculinity in the age of #MeToo, has once again dipped its toes in the pool of wokeness.

The newest masterpiece from Gillette, posted to the company Facebook page last Thursday, depicts Samson Brown, a young trans-man, being taught to shave for the first time by his father.

In response to the ad, Brown posted his feelings about it to Facebook

I shot this ad for Gillette and wanted to include my father, who has been one of my greatest supporters throughout my transition, encouraging me to be confident and live authentically as my best self. 
With the help of Gillette, I was able to share an important milestone in every man's life with my father.
This moment overwhelmed me during filming and again today seeing the ad since it's been launched. I'm keenly aware of how blessed I am to be able to exist in this world being supported by my family in ways that all too often many of my trans brothers, sisters, and siblings who exist outside the binary are not always as fortunate.

I am confident that this ad will encourage many of my trans siblings and fill them with the knowledge that our existence in this world can be filled with the love and support we deserve.

Be good to yourselves. Love yourselves. And know that when you greet the world with love, it can and will love you back, often in the places you least expect.

I love you greatly.


Twitter also had a few words to say about the ad.