Cypress Hill's B-Real Slams Communism: 'It Doesn't Work'

Nick Kangadis | July 31, 2020
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Communism sucks, and anyone that supports the ideology or blindly agree with far-left “progressives” who push that garbage suck too. How many people need to die in order for far-leftists to understand that communism doesn’t work? Although to be fair, people who follow or agree with communistic tactics and policies have never really cared about whether people live or die.

B-Real, the co-lead rapper of the longtime hip-hop group Cypress Hill, recently VLADTV on YouTube to talk about various topics. One in particular was how his mother escaped a Cuban prison that was under late dictator Fidel Castro’s rule.

“She was a political prisoner at a very young age, and one of her uncles worked in the prison,” B-Real said. “And he helped her escape, made her a makeshift raft. That’s how she got off the island [of Cuba].”

We’ve all heard about the 90 mile trip from Cuba to the Florida Keys, or even sometimes to Miami, which still happens to this day. Those stories were all too common when Castro was fully entrenched as the dictator of Cuba following his seizure of power in 1959. B-Real's mother was supposedly picked up by fisherman and she subsequently entered the U.S. through New York.

B-Real was then asked about how his family felt and still feels about Castro and his communist regime.

“You know, it’s like anyone who escaped the communism that was happening there through Castro, yeah, they don’t have anything good to say about [the] dude,” B-Real said.

The 50-year-old rapper also spoke about how Cuban’s were ecstatic when Castro died in 2016, and gave a brief explanation as to why.

“He [Castro] executed a lot people’s family members,” B-Real continued. “He was one of those guys that, yeah, unless you were brainwashed by him and you lived there, you didn’t like him at all.”

B-Real gave one final condemnation of communism when put into practice.

“It [communism] doesn’t work.”

No, it certainly doesn’t. Right, China?

For the clip of that portion of B-Real’s interview, watch below:


H/T: Louder with Crowder