Cycling Org Says Letting 'Transwomen' Compete Against Female Athletes Is 'Based on the Latest Scientific Knowledge'

Brittany M. Hughes | May 4, 2023
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After a biological male handily trounced his female competitors in an international cycling race this week - a feat that caused no small amount of uproar, by the way - the governing cycling organization doubled down on their policy allowing trans "women" to compete against actual women, claiming the rules follow the “latest scientific knowledge.”

Union Cycliste Internationale defended its transgender athlete policy after Austin Killips, a biological man who believes he’s a woman, was allowed to compete in the women’s category at the Tour of the Gila in New Mexico, defeating female cyclists Marcela Prieto and Cassandra Nelson for the first place spot and becoming the first transgender “woman” to win the race - and the $35,000 prize that went with it.

Killiips’ win didn’t exactly go over well with cycling fans on social media, who had something to say about a yet another biological man being handed a trophy ahead of actual women in a women’s sporting category.

Because, you know, he’s a dude.

But the UCI is apparently more interested in kowtowing to the woke mob than it is about preserving the integrity of sports and keeping things fair for the ladies. In defending itself against the backlash, the organization claimed that its trans policy is “consistent” and “based on the latest scientific knowledge."

"The UCI acknowledges that transgender athletes may wish to compete in accordance with their gender identity," the organization said Tuesday.

"The UCI rules are based on the latest scientific knowledge and have been applied in a consistent manner. The UCI continues to follow the evolution of scientific findings and may change its rules in the future as scientific knowledge evolves.”

Interesting - because science has always been pretty clear on the physical advantages of men over women, which are hard to negate even with intense gender “transition” therapies. A study from the Equality group of the U.K.'s Sports Council back in 2021 showed that testosterone suppression does not eliminate all competitive advantages and that men who take hormones would likely still dominate women in several key areas of athletic performance based on things like height, weight, and muscle mass. Another medical study of nearly 100 transgender “women” - i.e., men - who took testosterone suppressors and hormones found that even after three and a half years, “only about one in four were able to reach a testosterone level low enough to match the average natural-born female’s.”

Why? Maybe because they aren’t women.

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In trying to force a scientific square peg into the left’s round hole, the UCI has already had to change its policy on trans athletes at least once, lowering the amount of testosterone a biological male athlete can have in their system by half and upping the official transition period for gender-bending athletes to 24 months before they’re allowed to compete in the opposite-sex category.

The sports world has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years after many major sporting organizations and events have allowed trans athletes to compete in opposite-sex categories. While biological females competing against men hasn’t been much of a problem, biological males have handily beaten women in everything ranging from cycling to swimming, running, wrestling, weightlifting, and MMA fighting. Now, female athletes are speaking out - and even filing lawsuits - to protect women’s sports and keep women from being forced to compete against athletically-advantaged men.

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