CW's 'Supergirl' Casts Trans Actor As the First Transgender Superhero

Brittany M. Hughes | July 25, 2018

No longer will being a transgender activist simply net you a solid 15 minutes of internet fame – now, it’ll get you a primetime spot on TV.

NPR reports Nicole Maines, a 20-year-old biological male who first made waves in 2014 fighting for transgender persons’ “rights” to use whatever bathroom they want in public spaces, is now transititio— er, making the move from activism to the small screen as the first transgender superhero.

Maines will be featured on the CW’s Supergirl as Nia Nal, “a young reporter who eventually fulfills her destiny, transitioning into a superhero called Dreamer,” NPR explains.

The move, which was first announced over the weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con, comes just four years after Maines won a lawsuit against her Maine school district after being told she couldn’t use the girl’s bathroom because she’s a boy. She was later the subject of an HBO documentary and a book, because…well, just because.

"Our show is all about inclusion and representation," Supergirl Executive Producer Jessica Queller told with Clevver News. "It seems the perfect moment in our culture to introduce a trans female superhero."

Maines says she’s excited to play a trans superhero as an actual trans person -- a luxury not afforded to Scarlett Johansson, who was effectively devoured by her own left-wing hoard for signing on to play a transgender woman in the upcoming film "Tug and Rub." She later backed out of the role after the progressive mob blasted her for taking the job as a biological woman.

As for Supergirl, this is hardly the first time the cheesy CW show has gotten preachy with its uber-progressive agenda. The show's known for pushing a far left-agenda on things like gun control, global warmingAmerica's inherent "racism" and comparing Trump and his supporters to Nazis.