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Customers Manhandle Wannabe Gunman at a Taco Bell in Downtown Cleveland


A crazed man entered a Taco Bell restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, just to get manhandled by some customers who weren’t having it. 

The late night incident occurred at a Taco Bell Cantina restaurant on Feb. 26, where employees say the man entered yelling at a customer and then spit at the feet of several others, according to

When customers confronted the man for his behavior, he pulled out an airsoft gun from his waistband to try and show them who was the “boss” - but they wouldn’t allow him to have his way. The gunman was overpowered by the customers and pistol-whipped several times over the head with his very own weapon. 

After the beating ended, the man was run out of the store.

When officers arrived to the scene, the agitator was standing outside of the restaurant, easily recognizable from the deep bloody gash on his forehead. The airsoft gun was found by investigators on a nearby restaurant patio and was collected as evidence.

As of yet, the suspect has not been charged with a crime in connection with this incident. reports:

An ambulance took the wannabe-gunman to St. Vincent Charity Medical Center to be treated for a laceration on his head and to receive a mental health evaluation, police reports say.

When will these wannabe gunmen learn that not everyone is going to back down to their crazy outbursts? Always glad to see fearless citizens stand up to someone who thinks they’re some type of renegade. 

H/T: Blue Lives Matter

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