Cuomo Denies His Own Direct Order On Nursing Homes Taking COVID Patients: 'It Never Happened'

P. Gardner Goldsmith | October 1, 2020

They spit in our faces and call it rain.

On the heels of PA Gov Tom Wolf (D) caught on a hot mic laughing with Democrat State Rep. Wendy Ullman over her joke of wearing a mask “on camera” merely for “political theatre” comes the breathtaking attempt by NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) to rewrite the history of COVID19 infections and his role in ordering COVID-positive patients into nursing homes – homes that soon saw thousands die and which tower worldwide as some of the most deadly infection locations in the history of the pandemic.

In one of the most appalling and outrageous examples of the desperate political thug, Cuomo attempted to blame critics who have noted the truth, casting aspersions at them, citing them for making people feel sad, and actually calling them “mean.” And, to top it all off, he now claims it is untrue that HIS OWN GOVERNMENT shoved COVID-symptomatic patients into nursing homes filled with the most vulnerable New Yorkers.

Nick Reisman, of Spectrum, begins this stunning, unbelievable tale:

Governor Andrew Cuomo accused critics of New York's handling of nursing home deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic of politicizing the deaths of peoples' loved ones on Wednesday, calling it both mean and unfair to do so. 

Yes, Cuomo accused others of “politicizing.” Attempting to insulate himself from the consequences of his own actions, Cuomo claimed it was “unfair” to point out his monumental errors and the deaths associated with his Romanesque diktats.

But this is just the beginning of Cuomo’s incredible, Nero-like blame-shifting.

’Having someone who lost a loved one, saying to them, well, this was a government mess up, this was unnecessary, your father could be alive, your mother could be alive, your grandmother could be alive, that's just untrue,’ Cuomo said in a conference call with reporters. ‘And frankly, it's mean.’

Charitable listeners might cut Governor Gambino some slack when reading or hearing that. They might think, “Well, perhaps Comrade Cuomo was merely explaining that his government actions didn’t contribute to an increase in deaths, and that he wasn’t actually denying his central role in ordering sick, infected, infectious COVID patients into homes filled with old, weak people.

But, while the former would be bad and nefarious and illegitimate on its own sky-high level, one cannot even be that charitable to this man, because, in fact, not only did he deny that his government forcing COVID patients into nursing homes was tied to the terrible loss of life in the homes, he literally denied the existence of the order to pack the homes.

In audio making its way around the internet thanks to the courageous efforts of Fox meteorologist and author Janice Dean, Cuomo can be heard saying:

And we never needed nursing home beds, because we always had hospital beds. So it just never happened in New York, where we needed to say to a nursing home, ‘We need you to take this person, even though they’re (sic) COVID-positive.’ It never happened.

Which is untrue on multiple levels.

First, as Omri Ceren, a blogger and advisor to Republican Senator Ted Cruz Tweeted, Cuomo’s own March 25 directive (a photo of which Ceren provides in his tweet) literally states that Cuomo’s government is ordering nursing homes to accept COVID patients in order TO MAKE SPACE IN HOSPITALS:

There is an urgent need to expand hospital capacity in New York State to be able to meet the demand for patients with COVID-19 requiring acute care. As a result, this directive is being issued to clarify expectations for nursing homes (NHs) receiving residents returning from hospitalization and for NHs accepting new admissions.

That means that either Cuomo is “mis-remembering” the reasons for his order, or he is lying.

Then there’s the added, larger point of Cuomo’s denial that the order was ever given or that the patients ever went into the homes. If his claim that “it never happened” is a reference to the actual issuance of the order or the admission of ill patients, that, too, is either a gross example of timely “erroneous recollection”, or it’s a bald-faced lie.

Let’s refer once more to Cuomo’s March 25 mandate:

No resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the NH (nursing home) solely based on a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.

You might want to read that twice, print it, make a bumper sticker of it and drive around New York state.

Perhaps someone will attach attribution of Cuomo to it and put it on billboards. It’s kind of important, and no amount of Orwellian “memory-holing” and revisionist history on the part of Comrade Cuomo can change this.

In fact, not even the NY government removing the order from its website can change the truth.

As FoxNews reported in May, after word of the rising COVID19 death toll at nursing homes began to spread, the Cuomo government tried to hide the March directive.

The web page that once contained the order now directs to a page indicating that the file is ‘not found.’ The archive indicates that the deletion occurred sometime after May 5, around the time that criticism over New York's nursing home fatalities intensified.

Thankfully, people interested in truth made sure the document was saved on the internet Wayback Machine archive, and it can be found here.

It’s doubtful that Mr. Cuomo was involved in that process, because he appears to be very UNinterested in truth.

By mid-August, Cuomo’s gang of bureaucrats admitted to 6,600 COVID-related (try to figure out the difference between “related” and “caused” in the U.S.) deaths at nursing homes. But as The Associated Press’ Bernard Cordon, Matt Sedensky, and Meghan Hoyer reported at the time, that number could be lower than the real death toll.

Unlike every other state with major outbreaks, New York only counts residents who died on nursing home property and not those who were transported to hospitals and died there.

That standard applied for months, even as Cuomo’s nursing home admission order dictated the homes to accept infectious patients.

Since May, federal regulators have required nursing homes to submit data on coronavirus deaths each week, whether or not residents died in the facility or at a hospital. Because the requirement came after the height of New York’s outbreak, the available data is relatively small.

In July, Cuomo’s government tried to blame “infected nursing home staffers” for the deaths of elderly people who were infected while his policy saw sick and highly-contagious COVID patients packed into the facilities.

And now, Cuomo has gone a step further, showing the unmitigated gall to claim none of it happened.

And his stunning statements arrive as The NY Post’s David Marcus reports that Cuomo’s salary is scheduled to rise by $71,000.

As Marcus adroitly observes:

It’s good to be the king.

All hail Cuomo Rex.

And remember to believe only Andrew's tall tales, because the facts aren’t things that make him look very good.