CUNY Law Grads Turn Backs on NYC Mayor Adams, But Still Get Reason for Protest Wrong

Nick Kangadis | May 15, 2023
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Even when indoctrinated college students occasionally get it right and protest the people actually negatively affecting all of our lives, they get it wrong.

Take the City University of New York (CUNY) law students last Friday during their graduation ceremony. They got it right by turning their backs in protest while New York City Mayor Eric Adams was speaking, but they also got it wrong for their reasoning as to why they did it.

As lefties tend to do, Adams spoke out of both sides of his mouth when previously speaking about the death of career criminal Jordan Neely after being subdued by 24-year-old Marine Daniel Penny. You see, Neely was black and Penny was white, so for Adams not to initially use the subjects’ races to form a narrative is a sin to college students.

Adams initially supported the rights of passengers to “act in some situations,” according to The Hill. But when Adams received pushback for his take, he quickly changed his tune and said he wanted to focus more on supporting mental health.

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According to the caption of the tweet with video of the students turning their backs on Adams, the graduates’ protest was apparently against Adams’ “support for state violence,” according to civil rights attorney Scott Hechinger.

That’s all well and good to protest overreach by the state. Not many have faith in government anymore. But, in reality, shouldn’t at least part of the graduates’ protest have been because Adams presides over a city that prioritizes the rights of criminals over their victims?

Credit to the graduates for standing up against their government — ironically of which at least some had to vote for things to get to this point. For some of the graduates, you would think prospective New York prosecutors would want to hold those accountable for not actually going after criminals, releasing most of them. But, leave it to recently departed college students to protest for the wrong reasons.


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