Cuba's Rewriting Their Constitution, Preserving 'Irrevocable Nature of Socialism'

Caleb Tolin | June 7, 2018
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The new president of Cuba, President Miguel Diaz-Canel, announced new plans to rewrite their constitution to begin “opening up” the nation's laws. However, his avenues to achieve this are questionable.

The plans for this new constitution include legalizing same-sex marriage, presidential term limits, and more. The first proposed draft of the new constitution will have to be approved by the parliament and then released to review public opinion of the draft before carving it into stone.

But, shocker, there’s a catch.

For those who thought maybe this rewrite would actually bring some economic -- and hopefully personal -- freedoms, guess again. Diaz-Canel wants some changes, but still desires to uphold the “irrevocable nature of socialism.”

Legalizing same-sex marriage may get you some liberal support, but doesn’t do all that much for your country when your population is in extreme poverty.

This comes as no surprise from the president who, in his inaugural address, stated that there is “no room in Cuba for those who strive for the restoration of capitalism." It's not really all that surprising - seeing as that Cuba has been run by straight up Communists for over half a century.

According to political analyst Julio Perez Cuba has a long way to go, “Cuba has to make substantial changes to the constitution that endorse private property, self employment and cooperatives as part of the Cuban economy.”

(Cover Photo: The Jexiter)

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