Cruz Urges Press To ‘Come To The Biden Cages’ At Border

Eric Scheiner | April 28, 2022
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“Come to the Biden cages” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told reporters at the Capitol on Wednesday.

“For four years, every Democrat and the corporate press talked about kids in cages. Kids in cages. How many of you all have done a story on the Biden cages?

What you didn't report on is Barack Obama built those cages. The cages are more full today under Joe Biden than they ever have been. And the last time we went there with 19 senators, the rate of COVID positivity in the Biden cages was over 10%.

So, this is public health as well. But the Biden administration, the only group on planet Earth they don't care about having COVID is illegal immigrants who they want to release into this country.”

Cruz was responding to a reporter question about supporting Title 42 as a measure to turn away aliens looking to claim “asylum” for health reasons, but continuing his support for the removal of mask mandates.

“Look, mask mandates are the height of hypocrisy. And by the way, I will say on mask mandates, if you look on an airplane, people are voting with their faces. The vast majority of people on planes, the instant the mandate was repealed, pulled them off,” Cruz said.

“I got to say, I'm actually pleasantly comforted, even in the Capitol Hill press corps, which I think is fair to say is not a right wing organization. The large majority of reporters in this room made the choice and voted. Voted with your face as not to wear the mask.

Listen, the crisis here ultimately is about the deliberate chaos and human suffering at the border. When we had the lowest rate of illegal immigration in 45 years under Donald Trump, it wasn't Title 42 that was driving it. It was the Remain in Mexico agreement. It was enforcing the laws. The reason for this chaos is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris made the political decision not to enforce the laws to release vast numbers of illegal aliens. And with Title 42, they want to release much more.

I'm against an unsecured border. I'm against the chaos. You know, one estimate - is that if Title 42 is rescinded permanently, 170 more thousand more illegal aliens will come through our southern border. That's a massive number.”

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