Cruz: ‘The Socialists Are In Charge Of The White House’

Eric Scheiner | March 10, 2023
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The release of the 2024 budget by Joe Biden this week prompted Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to conclude that “socialists” are in charge of the White House.

“The sad truth is the socialists are in charge of the White House. Joe Biden certainly isn't,” Cruz said during an appearance on Fox News' Hannity Thursday night.

“They want to spend money they don't have. They want to raise taxes on you. They've unleashed record inflation. This budget that Biden put out would create a $50 trillion national debt. And their view is they can just keep printing money and unleashing inflation and borrowing money from China,” Cruz added.

“This is Bernie Sanders budget. This is AOC, this is Elizabeth Warren. And let me show you just some amazing stats just on a quick review of the budget. Here's how many times the following words appear in the budget equity, 63 times. Climate - 148 times. Environmental justice -25 times. Transgender - eight times, intersex, which I have no idea what that is - seven times.”

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“So things the American people care about: inflation only ten times, fentanyl-twice,  border security -eight times, police -four times,  law enforcement - nine times, crime - 24 times. And gas prices - three times. They tell you who they are,” Cruz said.

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