Cruz: Fund Border Wall With Assets From Drug Cartels

Eric Scheiner | April 26, 2017
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Sen. Ted Cruz was on Fox & Friends Wednesday morning discussing his proposed EL CHAPO act to pay for a border wall with Mexico.

The measure seeks to pay for the barrier with $14 billion in assets from the Mexican gangster who is awaiting his federal trial in New York.



“It’s estimated his criminal fortune is worth $14 billion, now coincidentally the estimates for the cost to build a wall range from $14 to $20 billion, so my legislation provides if those assets are forfeited, those assets from El Chapo will go directly to building a wall and to securing the border,” Cruz said.

“There is a sense of justice – a sense of this is what’s right, to say the people who are violating the border like crazy, we should use their ill-gotten gains to finally build the wall and to finally ensure we have the assets to secure our borders,” Cruz added.

Cruz says, once El Chapo is convicted the money and assets can be seized by the government. Usually that money goes to the U.S. Treasury, under Cruz’s measure the forfeited assets of El Chapo and any other drug cartel would go to funding the wall instead.

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