A Cruz Cut – Sen. Visits Luther’s Salon 


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) got his hair cut on Friday and jumped on an early flight all the way to Dallas to do it.

According to NBCDFW:

Cruz said he hadn't had a haircut in about three months, due to the pandemic, but that he could think of no better place to get it done than at the Dallas salon whose owner, Shelley Luther, was embroiled in controversy this week after refusing to comply with Gov. Greg Abbott's executive order that salons stay closed until May 8.

Earlier this week Luther was fined $7,000 and jailed on a contempt of court charge after she refused to apologize for opening her business despite the governor’s executive order to keep non-essential businesses closed.

Abbott modified his executive order on Thursday removing the penalty of jail time for violators in an attempt to get Luther released.

"I'm proud to stand with Shelley Luther. What happened to her was wrong," Cruz said. "It was ridiculous to see somebody sentenced to seven days in jail for cutting hair. That's not right. That's not justice. That's not Texas."

“Shelly, when you stood up there, you stood for Texans all across this state and you stood for Americans all across the country who believe in liberty,” Cruz said.

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