Cruz Bill Aims To Send Illegal Aliens To Democrat-Led Communities

Eric Scheiner | October 20, 2021
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It’s called the Stop the Surge of Unsafe Rio Grande Encampments Act, or Stop The Surge Act, and it would relocate illegal immigrants from Texas to newly established ports of entry for processing under the Immigration & Naturalization Act.

But the kicker is where it would relocate them to - leftist communities.

“I said, Well, look, if it's OK, if you're fine with two million illegal immigrants, let's send them to where you like to hang out,” Cruz told Tuesday’s Hannity program.

“The thirteen ports of entry that my bill creates are Block Island, Rhode Island, Greenwich, Connecticut, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Governor's Island, New York, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, where Joe Biden likes to relax.

Nantucket, Massachusetts, Newport, Rhode Island, Scarsdale, New York, Palo Alto, California, Yountville, California, which is, of course, where the French Laundry is, where Gavin Newsom likes to party it up when he forces other people to shut down.

St. Helena, California, and as you mentioned, North Hero Vermont, where Bernie Sanders has one of his vacation homes.”

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The press release on the legislation claims it would provide “much needed relief to Border Patrol and local law enforcement who have been stretched beyond capacity at the Texas border, and require insulated communities to help shoulder the burdens of their preferred open-border policies.”

“How exactly do you think the rich, stuck up, liberals in Nantucket or Martha's Vineyard would react if they saw ten thousand twenty thousand fifty thousand one hundred thousand illegal aliens being dropped off week after week after week in the Vineyard?” Cruz asked during his Hannity appearance.

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