Crowds Protest COVID Shutdown of 'Autonomous Zone' Bar in NYC

Eric Scheiner | December 3, 2020
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Mac’s Public House in New York may have dubbed itself an ‘autonomous zone’ in its attempt to remain open despite COVID closure orders, but Sheriff’s deputies shut it down and arrested its general manager Tuesday night.


Crowds shouted at deputies as they led the restaurant's general manager, Danny Presti, out in handcuffs after repeated warnings to stop serving customers indoors.

Wednesday morning, attorney Louis Gelormino told Eyewitness News the charges included disorderly conduct along with civil fines.

"We are just trying to make a living and feed our families," owner Keith McAlerny told WABC. 

"It's time for all small businesses and citizens to stand up," he said. "If enough business owners throughout this city, state, country, open their doors and disobey these tyrannical orders, hopefully they can get their businesses back and we can get country back to where it needs to be."

Hundreds turned out Wednesday to protest the new series of COVID restrictions in New York and express their support for the bar owner.