Cringe Overload: HBO Max Harley Quinn Trailer Rife With Graphic LGBTQ Themes

Wallace White | June 29, 2022
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The entertainment industry is in the fourth stage of the woke cancer that took it over, and the latest symptom was shown on Twitter on June 28 as HBO Max posted a trailer for the third season of “Harley Quinn” featuring a pathetic number of pandering LGBT sexual themes.

The show, known for its dark and serious themes despite its animated cartoon appearance, focuses on the DC comic book character Harley Quinn and her escapades in Gotham City of Batman fame. But now, it seems the writers are diving head-first into pushing LGBT propaganda in the form of degenerate entertainment.

The trailer itself contains constant references to Ivy, another DC character, and Quinn’s lesbian relationship, and is chock-full of sexual content including orgies, lesbian sex, and cringe-worthy dialogue. 

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The escapades of a mentally deranged, baseball bat-toting lesbian with her gay supervillain girlfriend is considered legitimate entertainment these days.

How did we stoop so low? Are we so mentally stunted that this is what people turn to for amusement? The stars of the show have openly admitted that the show is pure progressive propaganda. We had no idea how depraved the propaganda would get, but here we are.