CRINGE: Joy Behar Blames Republican Senate Wins on 'Gerrymandering'

Brittany M. Hughes | November 7, 2018
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Joy Behar – who still has a job that entails people caring about her opinion, for some inexplicable reason – blamed Republicans picking up three Senate seats in Tuesday’s midterms on “gerrymandering.”

“[Democrats] lose Senate races in red areas –“ her guest began.

“Because of gerrymandering,” Behar cut in.

“Well, it’s not gerrymandering, that’s the Constitution. Districts are gerrymandered, but the states are part of the Consitution,” her guest had to explain.

“Oh, ok,” Behar nodded along.

Gerrymandering. That’s how Behar thinks United States Senate elections are decided – through gerrymandering.

Since Behar still has a job, suggesting that at least a few people in the United States are still dumb enough to buy her drivel, here's a quick refresher course in Senate elections: U.S. senators are elected in statewide races to one of two seats available per state, as per the U.S. Constitution. House districts, whose lines can be redrawn or "gerrymandered," are won based on votes from the people who live within said district.

Here’s the clip. A word of caution: don't drink and view.


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