Crazy Leftist LOSES HER MIND At Vax Mandate Protesters In D.C.

Brittany M. Hughes | January 24, 2022
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We’ve found the Queen of Karens.

She showed up on Sunday at the “Defeat the Mandate” rally in D.C., where tens of thousands of people showed up to push back against tyrnnaical government edicts demanding people get vaccinated and show their papers to enter restaurants and public spaces, or even to keep their jobs. 

Adding hilarity to the situation, Kween Karen rolled up in an oddly decorated van covered in fingerpainted handprints, got out of the vehicle, and proceeded to lose her crap screaming at demonstrators, complaining about how she has to “pay for the police to shut down the road so that these f***ing white supremacists can party and have a hell of a time celebrating their loser president, loser Trump!” 

The same woman was caught by others ranting and raving about "pedophile" Republicans wanting to "build a white nation."

We aren’t sure what Trump has to do with the price of tea in China (other than it was cheaper when he was in office), but this woman seems to think he’s still in charge.

Then again, if you told me she also thinks Madonna is Secretary of State and that there are unicorns at the Smithsonian zoo, I’d believe you. 

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