Voters See Through Media’s ‘Cover Up’ of Biden’s Mental Decline, Survey Shows

Craig Bannister | February 9, 2024
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Voters say Pres. Joe Biden’s mental decline is getting worse – and they’re not fooled by the media's efforts to cover up his cognitive deterioration.

A national Rasmussen survey released Monday reveals that 61% of U.S. likely voters say it’s at least “somewhat” likely that the “news media are helping cover up evidence of President Biden’s declining mental sharpness.”

Nearly half (45%) of voters say it's “very likely” there’s a media cover-up of the president’s mental decline.

In another question, 59% say Biden is getting less and less mentally sharp over time. A third (33%) think he’s not, while 8% aren’t sure.

Of those who think Biden’s mental state is getting worse, 89% say the media is covering up his decline. Fully 70% say it’s “very likely” the media are engaged in a cover-up of evidence that Biden’s mind is failing.

The views of Independent voters (not Democrat or Republican) mirror those of all likely voters combined, with 61% saying Biden is in mental decline and 82% saying it’s either very likely (41%) or somewhat likely (21%) the media are covering it up.

Released Thursday, Special Counsel Robert Hur's report looking into Biden’s mishandling of classified documents concluded the president is mentally unfit to be charged, citing several instances of his faltering mental capacity.

In response to the reports of his mental deficiencies, Biden held a hastily-conceived press conference that evening, where he admitted that the press aren’t concerned about his mental abilities.

When a reporter told him that the American people are concerned by what they’ve seen, Biden angrily rebuked her, shouting:

“That is your judgement! That is not the judgement of the press!”

Indeed, as NewsBusters explains in its analysis of Friday morning’s network coverage, media desperately tried to dismiss the multiple mental gaffes made by Biden during the previous evening’s press event.

For example, CBS White House Correspondent Ed O’Keefe tried to excuse how Biden confused the leaders of Mexico and Egypt in his remarks, by asking: “Who among us hasn't screwed that up, those two countries, before?”

The media’s cover up of Biden’s mental decline is nothing new, however.

In a Friday NewsBusters article, Media Editor Bill D’Agostino published a video montage of media – ranging from MSNBC, CBS, CNN, NBC News and The Washington Post, to The Atlantic – reassuring the public of Pres. Biden’s mental prowess in recent years.