Threat of Terror Attack Increases ‘Almost Exponentially’ with Each Passing Day of Biden’s Border Policy, AZ Rep. Warns

Craig Bannister | December 7, 2023
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The Biden Administration’s open-border policy is putting the U.S. at an ever-increasing risk of being hit with a terrorist attack, Congressman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) warned Thursday.

In an interview with Fox & Friends First, the Arizona congressman responded to Pres. Joe Biden’s claim that Republicans are to blame for the number of immigrants flooding into the U.S. Instead of taking responsibility for the single-day record of more than twelve thousand migrant encounters on Tuesday, Biden accused Republicans of having an “extreme partisan border policy.”

Biden also blamed what he vaguely called a broken immigration “system” – apparently voicing frustration that his administration hasn’t been able to process, legalize, and grant citizenship to aliens as fast as he’d like to do so.

“It’s not the Republicans who have opened the border,” Rep. Biggs said in response, explaining how one town in his state was overwhelmed by dangerous border-crossers earlier this week:

“Look, there was not, in that group of a thousand in Lukeville, Arizona two days ago, there was not a single female, there was not a single child. Every one of that thousand-plus persons was 18-35 year-old men – we call that ‘military age’ – they have made this country very dangerous.

“We know there was probably another five thousand people who came that day, that didn’t turn themselves in.”

Asked how much the threat of a terror attack increases each day the Biden Administration continues to allow a record a record number of border encounters, Rep. Biggs issued a dire warning, explaining that many migrants are coming from countries with ties to terrorist organizations:

“It increases almost exponentially.

“In the briefings that I’ve had recently, they’ve acknowledged that Venezuela, for instance, has ties with Hezbollah and Hamas. And we have people coming up from Venezuela daily that are actually submitting themselves.”

The threat is even worse than the administration’s counts suggest, Biggs explained:

“But, we don’t know how many people are getting away every day. We do know that, in the Biden Administration, there’s over two million unknowns that have come into the country.

“That means we don’t know their country of origin, we don’t know where they’re going into this country. And, we don’t know what their intentions are in this country.”

It’s also concerning that the migrants entering the U.S. are already dressed for battle, Biggs said:

“But you can be assured that, since they’re through dressing in camo and wearing carpet shoes and have backpacks, they’re either bringing drugs, they’re with the cartels – and some of them are actually probably related to terrorist activity and are hoping to create a terrorist event within this country.”