Texas Gov. Abbott: WATCH the Biden Admin Cut Our Border Wire to Let Illegal Aliens Flood Into Eagle Pass

Craig Bannister | September 21, 2023
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“Texas installed razor wire in Eagle Pass to stop illegal crossings. Today the Biden Admin CUT that wire, opening the floodgates to illegal immigrants,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) announced Wednesday, posting social media video of uniformed men cutting open the wire and helping immigrants over it as they illegally enter the U.S.

The video shows two uniformed men first cutting the wire barrier, then pulling it open, allowing the illegal aliens to begin walking in, unencumbered.



As the illegal aliens flooded into Eagle Pass, Mayor Rolando Salinas declared a state of emergency in his city. Many of the illegal immigrants are single males who “don’t want to listen to instructions and they’re leaving the [processing] facility,” the mayor said in his announcement.

“Not all of these people come in peace,” the mayor warned.

Eagle Pass had a population of 29,000 – but, nearly half that number (14,000) have entered the city illegally in just the past week – they city’s mayor said, noting that even more groups are on their way. More than a quarter million have crossed the border so far this year.

“It’s a total free for all in Eagle Pass right now. Mass illegal crossing taking place for over an hour and a half…we now have thousands of predominantly Venezuelans gathering under Eagle Pass bridge,” Fox News National Correspondent Bill Melugin reported Wednesday, posting video of the event.



The Biden Administration is fiercely fighting against efforts to increase border security in Texas, even as the state is being overwhelmed by illegal immigration.

Pres. Biden’s Justice Department is currently suing Texas for installing buoy barriers to help prevent illegal aliens from entering the state over waterways. The administration’s request to force Texas to remove its buoys was initially granted, then undone on appeal, when a stay was placed on Biden’s demand, pending the final disposition of the court case.

In his Wednesday post, Gov. Abbott announced that he had “immediately deployed more Texas National Guard to repel illegal crossings & install more razor wire.”