Sen. Kennedy: These Open-Border Terrorist Threat Numbers ‘Will Make You Throw Up’

Craig Bannister | January 29, 2024
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“The numbers that I’m about to give you will make you throw up,” Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) says in a video documenting the growing threat of terrorism caused by Pres. Biden’s open-border policies.

On Monday, Sen. Kennedy posted video on social media of a speech he gave on the Senate floor, in which he warns of how Biden’s policies provide “the perfect cover” for a range of dangerous illegal immigrants to sneak into the U.S. across the southwest border:

“President Biden’s border policies are not just a human rights disaster, though they certainly are. But his policies have also provided the perfect cover for terrorist sympathizers, child sex offenders, for cartel associates to enter the United States illegally.”

“All you have to do is mix in - because nobody is checking anybody,” Kennedy explains.

“The numbers that I’m about to give you will make you throw up,” Sen. Kennedy continues, noting how the number of illegal aliens on the terrorist watchlist apprehended at the southern border has skyrocketed under Biden:

“Border Patrol apprehended 169 members of the FBI’s terrorist watchlist attempting to cross the southern border illegally in [Fiscal Year] 2023 alone. One hundred and sixty-nine.”

“It only takes one terrorist.

“That’s more than 10 times the number of potential terrorists that Border Patrol detained in the four years before President Biden took office.”

Indeed, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data show that the number of terror watchlist apprehensions has greatly surged during Pres. Biden’s administration.

The 169 terror watchlist encounters in FY 2023 is 56 times the mere three watchlist apprehension during Pres. Donald Trump’s last full fiscal year (FY 2020).

Terrorist Watchlist Encounters:

  • FY 2020: 3
  • FY 2021: 15
  • FY 2022: 98
  • FY 2023: 169


These numbers do not include the unknown number of terrorist watchlist members who slipped into the U.S. undetected, amongst the record number of illegal immigrants flooding into the country during the current crisis at the southwest border.


The threat extends beyond just those on the terrorist watchlist, however, Sen. Kennedy explains, detailing how the border patrol has caught thousands of illegal aliens coming from countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Syria and China. These countries are on the FBI’s “special interest” list, because of their radical anti-American sentiment.

Watch Sen. Kennedy’s full Senate speech below.