Sen. John Kennedy: Two Reasons Pres. Biden Is ‘As Popular as Herpes’ in Louisiana

Craig Bannister | December 29, 2023
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There are two reasons that “Pres. Biden is about as popular as herpes” in his state, Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy said in a Fox News Channel interview this week.

Sen. Kennedy was commenting on the Biden Administration’s discussions with Mexico about how to grant amnesty to the illegal aliens flooding into the U.S.:

“In Louisiana, Pres. Biden is about as popular as herpes. Why is that?  2 reasons:

“Number One: the people of Louisiana are not stupid.

“Number Two: They think the Biden admin is. They think that its stupidity runs from the river to the sea.”

“Exhibit A is the open border: Pres. Biden has dissolved the southern border,” Kennedy explained:

Our problems at the southern border are man-made – and that man’s name is Joe Biden. And, the people of Louisiana and the American people know it. Yet, he blames the media for his unpopularity. It’s hard to believe that the president could be that obtuse.

“There will not be a supplemental appropriations bill passed unless we take steps to secure the border,” the senator promised.

Kennedy then listed how “We could secure the border in six weeks, if we just did five things.”