Queer, Indeed: ‘Queers for Palestine’ Block Entrance to LGBTQ-Ally Disney World

Craig Bannister | May 13, 2024

Even though Disney is stubbornly losing millions in order to promote LGBTQ ideology, “Queers for Palestine” protesters decided to block access to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida over the weekend.

On Saturday, members of the Central Florida chapter of “Queers” created a blockade by parking their cars on Interstate 4, where they exchanged profanities with drivers trying to enter the theme park. The protesters were arrested within minutes after they began disrupting traffic.

Accusing Disney of supporting genocide, the protesters also condemned the entertainment company for creating an Israeli superhero character for its upcoming “Captain America: Brave New World” film.

The protest is queer, indeed, given that Disney remains committed to promoting LGBTQ ideology at its parks and in its movies, even though public sentiment has turned against it, resulting in box office flops, declining theme park attendance, stock losses and being named the worst major Hollywood studio last year. With just four films in 2023, Disney lost more than a half billion dollars combined last year.