Mark Levin: ‘Biden-Blinken Plan Is to Destroy Israel’

Craig Bannister | November 22, 2023
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“IT IS NOW OFFICIAL, BIDEN-BLINKEN DO NOT WANT ISRAEL TO WIN THE WAR AGAINST HAMAS,” conservative commentator and Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin declared Tuesday, reacting to the latest “crushing” demand on Israel made by the Biden Administration.

In a social media post, Levin urged his followers to read a Times of Israel report on one of the Biden Administration’s ploys to obstruct Israel’s efforts to wipe out Hamas, the terrorist group that attacked a festival in Israel last month, killing at least twelve hundred people:

“MUST READ! BREAKING: IT IS NOW OFFICIAL, BIDEN-BLINKEN DO NOT WANT ISRAEL TO WIN THE WAR AGAINST HAMAS as they continue to place more and more onerous conditions on Israel AND as they plot to carve up Israel and give Judea and Sumaria (‘West Bank’) to the Palestinians (ALL OF WHOSE LEADERS ARE TERRORISTS) and Gaza.”

As The Times of Israel reports, the Biden Administration is insisting Israel prove that it will prevent Palestinian civilians from being harmed - even though they’re living in a war zone:

“White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby reiterates the Biden administration’s opposition to Israel expanding its military incursion into southern Gaza unless it demonstrates how it’ll protect the Palestinian civilians it ordered to evacuate to that region from the north.”

President Joe Biden and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken are actually trying to carry out former President Barack Obama’s mission “to destroy Israel,” Levin writes:

“The Biden-Blinken plan is to destroy Israel, which is the original Obama-Blinken plan. Meanwhile, while Biden-Blinken place crushing demands on Israel, NO DEMANDS are made of Iran as the administration CONTINUES TO POUR BILLIONS OF DOLLARS INTO IRAN'S WAR MACHINE without any conditions or limitations.”

“In fact, THEY CONTINUE TO ATTACK OUR ARMED FORCES through their proxies without consequences!” Levin added.

When all is said and done, the legacies of America’s politicians, citizens and institutions will be defined by whether or not they openly and actively opposed the “evil, inhumanity and atrocities” of “Islamist Nazis,” such as Hamas, Levin wrote in a later social media post:

“In the future, American politics and society will be defined by those individuals and institutions in our country who stood with or appeased the Islamist Nazis; those who were acquiescent or silent, or indulged in ‘moral equivalency’ in the face of such evil, inhumanity and atrocities; and, those righteous individuals and institutions who acted against or spoke openly in unequivocal moral indignation and condemnation.”

“Biden-Blinken continue blowing up the Middle East,” Levin followed up, after news broke than Israel agreed to temporarily pause its war against Hamas, in exchange for Hamas releasing 50 of its hostages.