Levin: Jack Smith’s Employing Tactics of Hague’s ‘Genocidal Maniacs’ to Get Trump, ‘Biden WH Is Behind It’

Craig Bannister | February 19, 2024
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Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is doing everything humanly possible to convict presidential candidate Donald Trump – even if it means employing the tactics of “some of the genocidal maniacs“ who’ve been prosecuted at The Hague, Constitutional Scholar Mark Levin said Saturday.

“This guy, Jack Smith, he’s spent too much time at The Hague. He’s got the mindset of some of the people who  were prosecuted there, some of the genocidal maniacs,” Host Levin said during the opening of Life, Liberty & Levin, recalling the time Smith spent prosecuting war crimes at The Hague.

“This is the United States of America,” Levin reminded Special Prosecutor Smith, calling him out for ignoring U.S. legal principles in his zeal to convict the former president and the leading candidate to oppose Democrat President Joe Biden in 2024:

“You stripped him of attorney-client privilege, in one case.

“You’re stripping him of immunity.

“And, you stripped him of executive privilege. Biden did that.

“You criminalized a case that wasn’t criminal. You could’ve handled it civilly, if at all, that way.”

“And now, you’re gone down there to Florida, where your case should have been brought – but used a grand jury in D.C., instead of a grand jury in Florida,” Levin said, explaining the convoluted process Smith employed to prosecute Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents.

“You’re trying to do everything humanly possible to get this man convicted,” Levin said, addressing Special Counsel Smith:

“Every one of these 91 damn charges is phony, up and down.”

Levin explained the ways Trump-hating prosecutors throughout the country have twisted the law to prosecute Trump, such as employing “a fraud statute that doesn’t require fraud,” and trying to turn a business reporting misdemeanor into an election law felony:

“What I want you to get out of this is the extent to which they are rewriting laws, twisting laws, making laws, in order to get Trump.

“None of this is far and square.

“None of this is in the precedent of criminal prosecutions.

“None of this is in the criminal code, state or federal.”

Concerning the scheme to use the Espionage Act against Trump for his handling of documents, Levin explained that Trump – and only Trump – could declassify them, and could do so simply by taking possession of them:

“Hello: he was the president. When he said, ‘I’m taking this document,’ or physically took it, that can be considered declassification. A president’s not going to take a document in order to be prosecuted, is he?

“He is the executive branch. The vice president is not. A senator is not. Hillary Clinton was not.”

“They had to find crimes,” Levin said, explaining the irrationality of the attempts to convict Trump of insurrection and sedition:

“So, here we talking about insurrection: what does that have to do with the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1870?

“Sedition: what does that have to do the Enron obstruction laws that were passed?

“What does that have to do with the federal contractor law used to go after crooked federal contractor violence?”

What’s more, the prosecutors are arguing that the cases must be heard right away, in a thinly-veiled attempt to interrupt and derail Trump’s presidential campaign.

“And more and more information is coming out that the Biden White House is behind it all. [D.A.] Bragg. [D.A.] Fani [Willis], even Smith. They’ve all, in one form or another, consulted with the White House.”

“Isn’t that a problem?” Levin asked.