Levin: Biden ‘Better Damn Well Hope’ Trump WINS His Immunity Case

Craig Bannister | May 13, 2024

Mark Levin tells President Joe Biden that he better “damn well hope” former President Donald Trump wins his Supreme Court case regarding presidential immunity – because Levin’s got a whole list of crimes Biden should be charged with, once he leaves office.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is prosecuting Trump for crimes he alleges Trump committed while president, while Trump is contenting that presidents have immunity from prosecution for decisions they make while in office.

If Trump loses his Supreme Court case, any former president – including Biden – could be prosecuted for actions he took while in office.

And, that’s the last thing Biden should want, Levin said Sunday on his Fox News Channel program “Life, Liberty & Levin“.

“Joe Biden, you better damn well hope that you lose that Supreme Court decision,” Levin said, warning that he’s making “a long list” of the crimes Biden’s committed as president:

“You better damn well hope that immunity for your so-called ‘official acts’ after you leave office protects you when you leave office, because I’m making a long list of the crimes that you’ve committed and the constitutional violations.”

Levin goes on to provide a sampling of crimes Biden should be prosecuted for:

  • “[T]he border and the deaths and the damage and the slavery that’s taking place there as a result of you.”
  • “[Y]our violation of federal law, the Empowerment Act, withholding munitions that were passed by Congress, a clear violation of federal law.”
  • Violation of the Espionage Act “on multiple grounds…you sold out your country to a publisher for eight million dollars, spewing classified information from the government.”


“It’s a long list, Joe. You better damn well hope you lose that immunity case in the Supreme Court,” Levin warned again.