ICE Officers Ordered to Teach Illegal Aliens How to Easily Obtain Asylum Status

Craig Bannister | June 6, 2024
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A memo from their director reportedly orders U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers to take extreme measures to instruct illegal aliens on how to obtain asylum – and expands qualification criteria to the point that any illegal alien can easily do so.

The ICE officers are instructed to install signs and videos – with translations available in more than two dozen languages – telling illegal aliens what to say in order to gain asylum, in an email obtained and detailed by The New York Post:

“Instructions from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting director Patrick J. Lechleitner to his team includes the installation of signs seemingly instructing migrants what to say to qualify for asylum.”


“There also must be a video ‘explaining to noncitizens that they should raise these concerns’ that ‘should be played on a loop.’ ‘The videos must be played in in-processing areas,’ the email reads.”

The signs provide illegal aliens with a list of things they can claim, such as being “hungry or thirsty,” that will ensure that they’ll be referred to an asylum officer and their “claim will be heard.”

ICE officers are also provided a list ordering them to be on the lookout for “non-verbal actions that may indicate fear” that could qualify an illegal alien for asylum.

Even though they do not likely speak English fluently, illegal aliens may qualify for asylum processing if they exhibit “incoherent speech patterns” or “an unusual level of silence.”

And, even though they have just been taken into custody by border agents, illegal aliens may be considered to qualify for asylum if they exhibit “trembling,” “shaking,” or “hysteria,” according to the memo.

An outrageously vague and subjective catch-all standard – “Unusual behavior” – may also be interpreted as a sign that an illegal alien deserves asylum, ICE officers are instructed.

The memo was sent on Tuesday, the same day that Pres. Joe Biden issued a dubious executive order purported to stem the raging tide of illegal immigration.

However, as The New York Post explains, Biden’s new “restrictions” would do little to slow illegal immigration, especially since they still allow 1.8 million migrants into the U.S. each year, if they’re even enforced.