Hunter Biden Used Business Account That Received Chinese Money to Pay Joe Biden, Subpoenaed Bank Records Show

Craig Bannister | December 4, 2023
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House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) has released subpoenaed bank records showing that President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, used a business entity that received money from Chinese-state linked companies and other foreign nationals and companies to make “monthly payments” to his father.

“Hunter Biden’s business entity, Owasco PC, made direct monthly payments to Joe Biden,” Rep. Comer wrote Monday in a social media post of video, in which he explains the damning nature of the bank records:

“The bank records don't lie. Owasco PC received payments from Chinese-state linked companies & other shady entities. Joe Biden knew & benefitted from his family's business schemes.”

"This wasn’t a payment from Hunter Biden’s personal account but an account for his corporation that received payments from China and other shady corners of the world," Comer says.

"The more we learn, it appears the Justice Department was trying to cover up for the Bidens — until brave IRS whistleblowers came forward and a federal judge rejected the sweetheart plea deal," Comer says, suggesting there’s more news to come implicating the Bidens in wrongdoing:

"Payments from Hunter’s business entity to Joe Biden are now part of a pattern revealing Joe Biden knew about, participated in, and benefited from his family’s influence-peddling schemes."

"Hunter Biden’s legal team and the White House’s media allies claim Hunter’s corporate entities never made payments directly to Joe Biden. We can officially add this latest talking point to the list of lies," Comer says.

Indeed, Pres. Biden has repeatedly insisted that he never spoke to Hunter about his son’s foreign business dealings.



House Republicans used Comer’s announcement as an opportunity to post flashback videos documenting Democrats’ apparently false denials, including:

  • Joe Biden claiming in 2020 that "I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life."
  • White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in July claiming "The President was never in business with his son."
  • Democrat Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) claiming in September that "There is no direct evidence that President Biden was involved in any way, shape, or form in Hunter Biden's business dealings."


“Here is some direct evidence showing that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden's business dealings,” one Republican post says. “Sure seems like Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were in business together,” another adds, posing the question:

“What were they being paid for?”