Hamas Steals Humanitarian Aid to Gaza – So Biden Announces $100 Million More

Craig Bannister | October 18, 2023
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On Wednesday, mere days after Hamas reportedly stole humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians in Gaza, Pres. Joe Biden announced $100 million more taxpayer dollars in humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Medical supplies were among the items stolen by Hamas, Yahoo News reported on Monday:

“The United Nations’ agency for Palestinian refugees on Monday said fuel and medical supplies were stolen from the organization’s compound in Gaza. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) said in a statement that on Sunday, people ‘purporting to be from the Ministry of Health of the de facto authorities (DFA) in Gaza’ came with trucks and removed the supplies from the agency’s compound in Gaza City.”

Nonetheless, in remarks decrying the “Children slaughtered.  Babies slaughtered.  Entire families massacred. Rape, beheadings, bodies burned alive” perpetrated by Hamas, Pres. Biden told his audience in Israel that $100 million more aid will be sent:

“Today, I’m also announcing $100 million in new U.S. funding for humanitarian assistance in both Gaza and the West Bank.  This money will support more than 1 million displaced and conflict-affected Palestinians, including emergency needs in Gaza.”

“What sets us apart from the terrorists is we believe in the fundamental dignity of every human life — Israeli, Palestinian, Arab, Jew, Muslim, Christian — everyone,” Biden said, declaring that “The vast majority of Palestinians are not Hamas.  Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people.”

“Civilians are not to blame and should not suffer for Hamas’s horrific terrorism. Civilian lives must be protected and assistance must urgently reach those in need,” the White House reiterated in a statement.

But, as Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AK) noted Tuesday in a social media post, “The United States should have no part in providing aid to Gaza for the same reason the U.S. didn’t provide aid to Nazi Germany. Aiding Gaza will only prolong the rule of Hamas.”

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis agreed, in a post and video Wednesday reacting to Biden’s announcement:

“Joe Biden just announced $100 million of your taxpayer dollars going to the Gaza Strip. They say it's humanitarian assistance. We know Hamas is going to commandeer that money, and Hamas is going to use it to advance terrorism.”

“How are you funding them when they're holding Americans, as well as others, hostage?” DeSantis asked, challenging his fellow Republican GOP presidential hopefuls to “Join me in opposing Biden's $100 million gift to Hamas.”