Half of Democrat Voters Say the News Is Being ‘Dictated’ by the Biden Campaign

Craig Bannister | March 22, 2024
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Republican voters see it. Independent voters see it. And now, even half of Democrat voters agree that the news media are simply regurgitating Pres. Joe Biden’s talking points, a new survey reveals.

In a national poll of U.S. likely voters, conducted March 18-20, Rasmussen asked the following question:

“How likely is it that the major news media’s political coverage is dictated by talking points from the Biden campaign?”

Nearly two-thirds (63%) of all voters say it’s at least “somewhat likely” that Biden is dictating the contents of political news being fed to Americans, including 42% who consider it to be “very” likely.

Sixty-one (61%) of Republican voters say it’s “very” likely that Biden’s dictating the news – and more than three in four (78%) call it at least “somewhat” likely.

Independent voters also see Biden pulling the media’s puppet strings, with 61% calling it likely and 42% saying it’s “very” likely.

But, even the supporters of Biden’s talking points, Democrat voters, see that news coverage is being skewed in their favor, with half (50%) agreeing that media are mouthpieces for Biden. What’s more, a quarter of Democrat voters actually say that it’s “very likely” Biden is dictating the news they receive.

Still, Democrat voters don’t seem overly concerned that media are pushing political propaganda.

While 60% of all voters agree (30% “strongly”) that media “truly are the enemy of the people,” 54% of Democrat voters disagree (36% “strongly”).