‘Democrats and Intelligence Community Colluding with Media’ to Lie About Biden Probe: Comer Responds to AOC-Colbert Slur

Craig Bannister | April 9, 2024
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“We’ve proven the government was involved in a massive cover-up” involving the Justice Department (DOJ), its Intelligence operatives, partisan mainstream media and Democrats, House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) said Tuesday.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends First,” Rep. Comer responded to false smears made Monday night by Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and liberal activist CBS ‘Late Night’ Host Stephen Colbert regarding the committee’s Republican-led probe of the Biden family’s multi-million-dollar windfall obtained through dubious, unexplained dealings with foreign nationals in hostile countries.

In her appearance on “Late Night,” Ocasio-Cortez smeared Comer’s probe by attempting to tie it to Democrats’ discredited Russian Collusion claims:

“You have the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Representative Comer, take – take, quote-unquote ‘evidence’ – an account from someone who was working with the Russian intelligence and try to impeach and remove the president of the United States over it. This is serious.”

“How did they not know, or did they know, that this is connected to the Russians?” Colbert agreed, claiming that Republicans were using Russian disinformation.

After explaining that FBI Director Christopher Wray testified that the informant was one of the FBI’s most trusted and highest paid informants who served the Bureau for over ten years, Chairman Comer called out the coordinated efforts of “the corrupt mainstream media,” the Intelligence Community and Democrats to dishonestly attempt to discredit the influence-peddling allegations against the Bidens:

“It was one part that we investigated – but, the Democrats and the Intelligence Community are colluding with the media to try to say that that was a key part of the investigation and, therefore, the investigation needs to end.”


“Every fact that we have presented to the American people in a transparent manner the DOJ has colluded with the corrupt mainstream media to try to create a false narrative that there’s disinformation, that there’s no evidence, and it’s Russian collusion when, in fact, none of those things are true.”

Comer described how the media have crafted a false narrative to protect the Bidens from allegations of a multi-million-dollar influence-peddling scheme:

“At the beginning of this investigation, the media narrative was the Bidens had a legitimate business, they never took any money while Joe Biden was vice president, they never took any money from China, and Joe Biden never met with any of these crooks that were sending the Bidens millions and millions of dollars.”

“We’ve proven all of that to be false,” Comer said, presenting a point-by-point repudiation of the media’s false narrative:

“We’ve done it with subpoenaed bank records, where they can’t say there’s no evidence when we have their bank statements:

“The bank statements show the Bidens took the money.

“The emails show the involvement of Joe Biden in the family schemes.

“Three Biden associates have testified, under oath, that Joe Biden was the closer of these influence-peddling schemes.”

“So, I think this has been a very successful investigation. And, we’re trying now to do what I consider the accountability phase of this,” Comer concluded:

“We’ve proven the crimes.

“We’ve proven the government was involved in a massive cover-up.

“Now it’s time to hold them accountable.”