Biden Has Complete Brain Freeze – Two Days After Saying He Talked to Dead French President

Craig Bannister | February 6, 2024
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Two days after saying he’d had a talk with a long-dead French president (who he claimed was from Germany), Pres. Joe Biden became virtually unable to express himself while addressing reporters on Tuesday.

Asked about hostage negotiations between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas, Biden struggled to compose and finish sentences – and repeatedly paused and closed his eyes in an effort to gather his thoughts.

At one point, a reporter had to correct Biden, when he referred to Hamas as “the opposition.”

Far more than confused, Biden appeared on the verge of losing consciousness, as he labored to answer the question:

“There is some movement and I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna…

“Let me change my words – there’s some movement, there’s been a response from the, uh…

“There’s been a response. From. The opposition. But, um. (Reporter corrects Biden)

“Yes, I’m sorry, from Hamas. But, it seems to be a little over the top. We’re not sure where it is. There’s a continuing negotiation right now.”

On Sunday, Pres. Biden raised concerns when he claimed that, after taking office in 2021, he’d spoken with former French President Emmanuel Mitterrand - who has been dead for nearly thirty years (since 1996).